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Tim Jensen
Next Time 

We are the spooks
Behind all ideas
We vreck and we ruin
And we gloat and we creep
Calls us the jinx
The bex or the Kinks
But don’t misconstrue our intention

We loosen screws
And cross and the wires
Rattle and shake
And we set all the fines
We will destroy
All that you create
Cause we are the trolls of invention

Comatose radius
A speciality case you don’t know
Broken hose overdose
We cause all the problems just so
You’ll try harder next time

We come at night
And we gave you fire
Visit your dreams
Where we plan and inspire
When you awake
You have new ideas
Emaculate gadget conception

Crash e nurn unconcerned
Your stamina is delightful
Bruised and blurred, live and learn
We cause all these problems just so
You’ll do better next time

La la la***
Without us you’d still be in the dark ages
Make and we break so you make and we break everything again
Break so you make and we break so that the new age can begin

We are the spooks
Of all new ideas
We wreek and we ruin
And we crush and we creep
Call us the jinx
The hex or the links
But we are the souls of invention

Interpretazione di Franco Sansalone